For nearly 40 years Corporate Compensation Plans (CCP) has communicated, enrolled and administered innovative, tax-creative benefit plans to many of the largest companies and law firms in the country. In addition, we have created the complimentary IT Systems to communicate, enroll and administer these programs. This experience, expertise, and insurance knowledge uniquely positions us to offer services that will insurance agents and advisors to increase their revenues and attract new clients.

The CCP information technology systems allow us to communicate, enroll and administer benefit solutions for large multi-life and multi-state cases. Our systems and services provide for the communication of the program, delivery of all relevant program materials, delivery of individualized rates and benefits to the clients and e-enrollment services. CCP has enrolled cases with thousands of participants in voluntary group sponsored or corporate paid situations.


CCP's Special High Limit Disability Plan

Attracting and retaining top talent is critical to the success of every organization and now you can help your clients achieve that goal with a $3,000,000 benefit offered on a guaranteed issue basis if they have been actively at work for 180 days prior to the enrollment date and have not received disability benefits in the past five years. We also can provide a program that will insure 70% of income with a cap of up to $50,000 per month with a lump sum option available. Click here to learn more.

Insurance Agents

We help insurance agents open the doors to the multi-life market, a market that you may not have previously considered - an insurance market that consists of very highly-compensated individuals, their employers, their partnerships and their medical faculty practice plans – a market that is virtually untapped. We provide all administrative, communication and enrollment services that are necessary to reach these larger clients along with the high-net worth marketplace.

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Financial Advisors

We also help Financial Advisors to substantially increase their revenues through the offering of unique solutions to their affluent clients.

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