Enrollment Solutions

Implementing Corporate Compensation Plans, Inc. benefit programs is a hassle-free, embarrassment proof process for you and your clients. CCP assumes the responsibility for all enrollment, communication and administrative tasks. While we handle these time-consuming and labor intensive tasks, you can save money and focus on sales and service.

In addition, our communication and enrollment components have the following advantages:

  • 100% e-signature capabilities that eliminate the need for paper applications.
  • Highly-effective communication and educational features including custom made videos.
  • Customized benefits and features online for each employee that eliminate the need for cumbersome rate charts.

Our technologically advanced computer systems further simplify your involvement. For your client and their HR department we provide all enrollment, communication and administration services - as we have for tens of thousands of applicants. We keep employee-level entry information in our databases, which means that we can stand between you, your employees, and your insurance carriers and providers.

Furthermore, we can provide your client's employees and/or affiliated members with direct access to information about their coverage, benefits and premiums, without increasing your costs.

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