About Corporate Compensation Plans

For nearly four decades Corporate Compensation Plans (CCP) has been providing innovative and tax-advantaged benefit programs to many of the largest corporations, law firms, and medical centers in the country. The objective of these programs is to enable employers to attract and retain the top talent they need to compete in today's global economy.

CCP brings to its clients a comprehensive consulting and brokerage practice based on its ability to create unique and tax-advantaged benefit concepts. Here are five examples:

  • CCP created an exclusive disability insurance plan for key employees of brokerage firms that was endorsed by the Securities Industry Association. The Plan was adapted by many of the largest banks and investment firms in the country and insures thousands of their highly-paid employees.
  • CCP marketed and administered a special Universal Life Insurance plan for one of the major insurance companies. Its purpose was to replace group term life insurance and nearly every large law firm in the country purchased the program, as well as a number of large corporations.
  • CCP designed 401kSecure®, a patent protected insurance program that continues contributions directly into individuals' 401k accounts when they become disabled – a plan that IBM, among other organizations, offers to its employees. A complementary plan is available through CCP that continues contributions to employees' non-qualified deferred compensation accounts when a disability prevents them from working.
  • CCP recently enrolled physicians in a major New York City medical center that enabled them to acquire $1,000,000 lump sum – and tax-free – disability benefits on a guaranteed issue basis.

Another significant advantage CCP brings to its clients is its ability to effectively administer and communicate its programs using its own proprietary software and e-enrollment technology.

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