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CCP, Inc.

Voluntary Plans - Corporate Paid Plans

Disability Insurance Solutions for the Highly Compensated

Protecting your TOTAL COMPENSATION, including salary, bonuses and equity compensation.

Plan design is tailored for each company and individual to meet the financial security needs off all employees and those affiliated with he company - such as board of directors.

Our experience with income protection for highly compensated individuals and groups positions us to offer services that will help Insurance Brokers increase their revenues and attract new clients, and assist organizations such as Law Firms, Physicians/Medical Groups, and Public and Private Companies in their efforts to attract and retain top talent.

We've Got You Covered

We provide administrative, communication, and enrollment services that are necessary to reach highly compensated individuals.

Insurance Brokers: We help you open the doors to an insurance market that is virtually untapped for highly compensated individuals, their employers, their partnerships and their medical faculty practice plans. Learn More >>

Organizations (Law Firms, Physicians, Private and Public Companies): We help you with innovative benefit solutions for your employees AND those affiliated with your organization through Guaranteed Standard Issue programs.

Disability insurance is what pays the bills, buys the food, and maintains your lifestyle while you are unable to work. How long can you support yourself without an income? Use our Disability Insurance Calculator to see how much you stand to lose.

The need for insurance

the need

Our Enrollment Systems help you communicate the need for insurance, increasing participation in your enrollment. To see our system in action, schedule a live demo today.

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