Private and Public Companies

High Limit Disability Insurance

CCP provides protection for those working in public and private companies with disability protection for ALL their income - salary, bonuses and equity compensation, including RSU's on a guaranteed issue basis.


When accidents or illnesses prevent members of Private and Public Companies from practicing in their occupation, the probable results are:

  • Their disability insurance will not replace their pre-disability incomes
  • Contributions to their retirement plans will stop
  • The income shortfall can have an immediate and devastating impact on their families' lifestyles and significantly diminish their retirement funds

Acquiring more disability insurance is the answer but, most insurance companies strictly limit the amount of insurance they will allow highly-compensated individuals to buy. This creates a huge gap between their pre- disability compensation and their post-disability benefits.

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To close the gap for employees of Private and Public Companies, our Wealth Income Preservation Plan will insure 65% of total compensation ( at-risk equity compensation).

The Plan will also provide an alternative option to acquire a lump sum benefit of a factor of total compensation.*

Our systems and services provide for the communication of the program, delivery of all relevant program materials, and delivery of individualized rates and benefits .

These benefits are provided with a guaranteed issue program - no medical examination and no financial underwriting, and our exclusive online enrollment system allows your employees to complete their enrollment in less than five minutes.

*This benefit is provided in addition to their in-force disability insurance, and it is not offset or reduced by payments from that insurance. Our services to you include:

  • Analysis and preparation of census data for communication and education of the program
  • Sales materials including brochures and customized videos
  • Webinars to help your clients further understand the program offered
  • Enrollment in the program using CCP's proprietary online e-enrollment system

How It Works

Here is an example of how high limit disability coverage supplements traditional LTD insurance to provide Private and Public Companies up to 65% protection on total income:

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The best way to understand the power of our system is to see it in action! Learn how our enrollment system works with a live demo. CCP will gladly set up a live webinar customized for you.

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