High Limit Disability Insurance

Enrollsecure Enrollment System

CCP's Enrollsecure system offers high limit guaranteed issue disability insurance to highly compensated individuals. The coverage is guaranteed issue, own occupation definition, with discounted rates and not offset by current in-force policies. This is why some of the largest law firms, medical facilities, and financial institutions in the country have offered this program to their employees and those affiliated with them.

You now have the opportunity to provide this guaranteed issue, true own occupation program to large and small groups of high-earning individuals using our exclusive Enrollsecure on-line e-enrollment system.

CCP's technology provides highly effective communication and educational materials (all of which can be branded for you and the law firm, medical group, or financial institution you represent), and allows users to enroll online safely and in a matter of minutes.

What We Provide

Our systems and services provide for the communication of the program, delivery of all relevant program materials, and delivery of individualized rates and benefits to the clients for e-enrollment.

Our services to you include:

  • Analysis and preparation of census data for communication and education of the program
  • Sales materials including brochures and customized videos
  • Webinars to help your clients/members further understand the program offered
  • Enrollment in the program using CCP's proprietary online e-enrollment system

The plan is open to employees of both small and large companies, and is ALSO available to INDIVIDUALS who are members of a group with which we can assist in aggregating.

Some examples of such groups can be:

  • Attorneys and Private and Public Companies in a law firm
  • Private and Public Companies and highly compensated individuals in financial institutions
  • Clients of financial advisory firms
  • Clients of an insurance firm or insurance producer
  • Members of medical practices and their associates

The value of creating a group is that many, if not most,of the members have in the past been unable to participate in guaranteed issue offerings. This provides to these individuals the discounted pricing and absence of underwriting, both medical and financial, that has only been available to employees of larger companies.

View a Live Demo

The best way to understand the power of our system is to see it in action! Learn how our enrollment system works with a live demo. CCP will gladly set up a live webinar customized for you.

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