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High Limit Disability Insurance

CCP helps insurance agents open the doors to a virtually untapped market that consists of very highly-compensated individuals, their employers, their partnerships and their medical practices. We provide administrative, communication and enrollment services that are necessary to reach these clients and implement high limit disability insurance programs.

These programs have been established by some of the largest law, corporate, and medical institutions in the country. We have implemented these programs with groups as small as three and as large as many thousands of insureds.

What We Provide

Our systems and services provide for the communication of the program, delivery of all relevant program materials, and delivery of individualized rates and benefits to the clients for e-enrollment.

Our services to you include:

  • Analysis and preparation of census data for communication and education of the program
  • Sales materials including brochures and customized videos
  • Webinars to help your clients further understand the program offered
  • Enrollment in the program using CCP's proprietary online e-enrollment system

View a Live Demo

The best way to understand the power of our system is to see it in action! Learn how our enrollment system works with a live demo. CCP will gladly set up a live webinar customized for you.

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